Talks information

• At the conference, please arrive at the room of the session, at least, 5 minutes prior to the start of the session to store the corresponding presentations in the computer.

• Bring your presentation in an external USB drive.

• Each presenter has 22 minutes (18 for their presentation and 4 minutes for questions).

• Since time is limited, presentations exceeding the time limit, not only interfere with other presentations in the same session, but it may also cause delays in other sessions or prevent the audience from moving on to following sessions in a timely manner.

• Once the session is finished, the Chair will give the presentation certificate to each presenter of the session. 

• In case the assigned Session Chair is absent, the speaker of the last paper in the session, and if he/she is also absent, then the speaker of the first paper in the session, will act as the session chair.

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