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Monday, June 4, 9:30 - 10:30 (Room Antonio Machado)

The EURO Plenary


Full Professor at University of La Laguna

Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research

Chairman: Prof. Daniele Vigo

 Designing routes for vehicles and drivers 

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Most of the literature concerns the design of routes through customers for one resource (for example, a fleet of capacitated vehicles). However, it is quite common in real-world applications the need of optimizing more than one resources (for example, vehicles and drivers), both very interrelated but each one with different requirements. This talk will address some optimization problems in this category.

The motivation of our research started when solving an airline problem in Canary Islands operating about 150 flights (customers) every day. Each flight must be operated by one aircraft and one crew, and the problem is to compute optimal assignments (routes). There are eight airports in the islands, and two of them are hubs (Tenerife and Gran Canaria). To reduce overnight costs, a crew route must start and end in the same hub airport. Due to maintenance operations, each aircraft route must start and end in different hub airports. We will present different mathematical models and algorithms to find optimal routes detailed in "Omega" 43 (2014) 71-82 and "Transportation Science" 51 (2017) 250-268.

In the above problem, the flights are assumed to have a fixed departure time. We will also analyze the variant where these times can be slightly changed to find better solutions. This variant motivates a new problem where one must determine the time to start serving each customer, and design optimal routes for vehicles and drivers. In this problem synchronization constraints are crucial to guarantee feasibility of the solution. Note that in all these problems, each customer (flight) is visited (operated) by one vehicle and one driver. Although they are formulated and solved using standard elements in vehicle routing, they are scheduling problems in the sense that each customer is a task to be performed (for example, going from one airport to another airport). The new problem is called "Vehicle-and-Driver Scheduling Problem" and our research results are detailed in "Computers & Operations Research" 92 (2018) 56-64.
We will also introduce another new problem which is a more natural routing problem, in the sense that each customer is a location in the space, and some locations represents exchange locations where drivers exchange vehicles. The new problem is called "Driver-and-Vehicle Routing Problem" and our research results are detailed in "Computers & Operations Research" 81 (2017) 247-256.

Mauricio Resende 

Wednesday, June 5, 9:30 - 10:30  (Room Antonio Machado)

Speaker: Prof. MAURICIO G. C. RESENDE (Amazon Delivery Technologies – AmDT)  

University of Washington (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

Chairman: Prof. Rafael Martí

The importance of routing at 

Routing plays an important role within the logistics operations at In this talk we describe some routing problems that arise at Amazon. These problems are related to, for example, first mile, middle mile, and last mile ground logistics, as well as global logistics and air cargo logistics. 



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