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VeroLog 2019 is hosted by 'Fundación Cajasol' affiliated center of Pablo de Olavide University located at Calle Chicarreros, 1, 41004, Seville (Spain). Specifically, all tecnical session will have placed at the third floor of the building. Coffee breaks and lunches will be located at the ground floor. 


The venue is located downtown behind the city council of Seville. This place is close enough to easilaccess it bfoot from the city center. However, biking enthusiast can get the venue of the conference is by renting a public bike for short-term duration (maximum one week) with a cost of €13.30. The bike is free during 30 minutes and then you should park the bike or pay €1.03 the first hour and €2.04 from the second hour. It is not necessary to use public transportation to get the Venue.

The conference Venue



 Opening session, Plenary talks and Closing session (3rd floor)



Parallel sessions (3rd floor)

Fundación CajaSol

Coffee breaks and lunches (Central Patio, Ground floor)


How to get Seville

Seville is located at the south of Spain. Sevilla-San Pablo Airport connects Seville to national and international destinations


The bus shuttle EA connects Sevilla-San Pablo Airport and the city of Seville (10 kilometers). The bus shuttle EA connects Seville Airport and the city of Seville. The service runs every day of the year, from 5.20h to 01.15h (destination Seville) and from 04,30h to 00,30h (destination airport) and its frequency is 25-30 minutes and the journey usually takes 35 minutes from the airport to the city center. A single ticket cost €4-€6. Taxis are available at the airport as well (€22-€35). Furthermore, the app 'Cabify' and 'Uber' are available using your mobile phone. 


Furthermore, high speed trains connect Seville directly to major Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga: 


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